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2015 May Ryde Sports Foundation

2015 May Ryde Sports Foundation


1. What's On

7pm start for Friday 1st May 2015

Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club

Join us for the presentation of the SportsSTAR of the Year.

Book a table and join us with our special Olympian guests.

Go Australian SportsSTARS 

Olympic Games 27 July-12 Aug 2016 and Paralympic Games 29 Aug-9 Sept 2016

2. Sports Stars

2015- LAURA CROCKART (Swimming)
          TOM CRAIG (Hockey)

2014- CHLOE STRIDE (Trampolining)

2013- SIMONE KENNEDY (Paralympic Cyclist)

2012- ANTHONY ALOZIE (Athletics)

2011- DEBBIE HOCKAM (Ice Skating)

2010- AIDAN ROACH (Water Polo)

2009- SHERIDAN TYRRELL (Sports Acrobatics)

2008- VICKI WATSON (Masters Swimming)

2007- HELEN OH (Golf)

2006- VIC DARCHINYAN (Boxing)

2005- AMY WINTERS (Paralympic Athletics)

2004- JENNY WHITELEY (Masters Swimming)

2003- LUKE ADAMS (Race Walking)

2002- BEN ROCAVERT (Tennis)

2001- LOUISE SAUVAGE (Wheelchair Paralympics)

2000- TIM DONNELLY (Rugby)

1999- JOANNE CARTER (Ice Skating)

1997- RICHARD WEARNE (Rowing)

1996- YVETTE HIGGINS (Water Polo)

1995- STEVE HEMSLEY (Canoe Polo)

1994- LEANNE BROWN (Water Ski-ing)

1993- VANESSA BAKER (Diving)

1992- MARTY ROEBUCK (Rugby)

1990- STEPHEN GLEESON (Tennis)

1988- WARREN HENRY (Hockey)

1987- MERLE ROACH (Indoor Bowls)

1986- DENISE ANNETTS (Cricket)

1985- BILL EMPEY (Athletics)

1984- GRANT CRUICKSHANK (Water Polo)

1983- GREG MATTHEWS (Cricket)

1982- DARREN CLARK (Athletics)

1981- MARK KOUSSAS (Soccer)

1980- MICK MATHERS (Rugby)

3. Encouragement Award Winners since 2002.

2015          Maddy Bergfield (Athletics)

2014          Tess Bradford (Biathalon - Skiing Shooting)

2013          Taylor Ellison (Trampoline)

2012          Annelise and Ingrid and Mel (Gymnastics)

2011          Ben Cox (Ryde Athletics).
2010          Holly Hafner (North Ryde RSL Baseball) & 

                  Lucy Stevens (Gladesville RSL Gymnastics)
2009          Kirsten-Leigh Pearce (Ryde Hockey)
2008          Nicole Hoynaski (Tennis)
2007          Ann Marie Mooney, Mia Romano & 

                  Lucy Stevens (Gladesville RSL Sports Acrobatics)
2006          Kimberly Mason (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
2005          Jeremy Van Asperen (Australian Wheelchair Basketball)
2004          Alex Wilkinson (soccer)
2003          Renee Vandenberg (Ryde Athletics)
2002          Tara Millgate of Ryde Athletics Club

Service to Sport since 2002

2015          Service to Sport Award - Keith Aggett
2014          Service to Sport Award - John Eldridge



The award seeks to recognise excellence in sporting achievement over the
past year as well as contribution to the life and operation of 

the sporting section within the youth club.




4. History   

 The Ryde Sports Foundation Inc.

                 1979        Formed with the assistance of Ryde Municipal Council to support financially the Australian Olympic Team

for the 1980 Moscow Games which, due to a boycott, were denied Federal Government assistance.

1980        Introduced Sports Star of the Month and Sports Star of the Year Awards. First dinner held in Ryde Civic Centre.

1982        Commonwealth Games supported.

                 Travel grants to local athletes policy adopted.

1983        Awards dinner held at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club.

1985        Ryde Municipal Games held in preparation for a major event for the 1988 Bicentennial celebrations.

1984        Olympic Games supported.

1988        Ryde Municipal Games, a major event in local celebrations with a major emphasis of participating in a sporting
               activity. Over 9000 certificates issued to participants.

The RSF continues to maintain its core commitment to support financially Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and now
Para Olympic Games. More than 380 local sports people have been recognised in the Sports Star of the Month program.
30 Sports Stars of the Year acclaimed.

 The 2012 London Olympic Games will be the ninth supported.

The 2010 Commonwealth Games was the eighth supported.

 Over $250000 has been donated to Olympic, Commonwealth, Para Olympic Games and local sports stars.

 This has only been possible through a dedicated volunteer committee, the initial support of Ryde Municipal Council, the unfailing
publicity support of John Booth’s TWT and the generous sponsorship over many years from Club 6 i.e. North Ryde RSL Community Club
, North Ryde Golf Club, Gladesville Sporties, Gladesville RSL, Club Ryde X, Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club. We also particularly
acknowledge Norman May, renowned sports broadcaster and honorary member of RSF, for his support for many years.
Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club for their generous hosting of our annual Awards Dinner.


Club 6 Award uses the following:


  1. Achievement of the participant at various levels of the sport. This should be beyond club level.
  2. The contribution that the individual may make to life within the sporting section.
  3. The ability of the young person to develop as a role model for other young people.
  4. Be aged 12 years or older, as this is the age at which children are given the opportunity to develop in their sport outside
    participation at club level.




Each section is encouraged to select at least one participant that they believe should be
recognized for their consistent effort in their chosen sport. 

It should be seen as a reward for persistence and consistency in development of the
necessary skills to participate in sport.



In 2002 the club recognised that it was important to recognise and reward children less than
12 years of age.


This award seeks to give each sporting section the opportunity to showcase the “special” talent
that some young children have in their chosen sport within the context of the Youth Club.


In 2005, the opportunity is given to all sections to nominate participants for recognition and
encouragement where they are aged above 12 years of age. It has also been
 recognised that
not all sporting Sections may wish to nominate an individual for the Sportsperson Award,
but rather use the Recognition & Encouragement Award as a more appropriate method.

5. Committee

Jim Hull OAM (Chairman) 
Rob Wilkinson (VP, Tres) 

Kim Van Oost (Sec)
Neita Matthews OAM 
Paul Mojalli - Bendigo Bank 
Barry Herbert - President North Ryde RSL

Chris Karas - 15years RSF, Author of Fraser to Farah - History of Balmain Junior League 1908 to 2008, TWT Sports Editor - 25 years 
                         Member Balmain Junior League, & Gladesville Cricket Association.
Andrew Hill - Tennis Professional, Author ACE Tennis, SMASH, STARStv and SportsSTAR Program

Jim Towers - Royal Ryde Rehab

Past Members - Edna Wilde OAM(Vice P) Ray Seary, Frank Hodgekiss, Beryl Ackroyd

6. Application Forms        Printable Copy  PDF



PATRON   – Mayor of Ryde

ABN 3681 2802 457

SECRETARY                                                                                                                                         Chairman

Neita Matthews OAM                                                                                                                         Jim Hull OAM

P.O. Box 6555 NTH RYDE 2113

Ph 044-7827788








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May 2014 Ryde Sports Foundation Dinner

May 2014 Baton Share

May 2013 Ryde Sports Foundation Dinner

May 2013 Ash Springett Rotary Pride of Workmanship

May 2012 Ryde Sports Foundation SportsSTAR Dinner